Our Story

Parents and Kids: As parents we face tough choices in helping our high school kids choose the right career and schools. For kids this is extremely challenging as well given the decisions they must make while also managing parental influence. The data we encounter after endless searches is disparate, fragmented and difficult to consolidate.

Painful stats:  The public-school student-to-counselor ratio is 452:1, and students are given sub-par career guidance. Private guidance counseling can cost upwards of $200/hour and sometimes as much as $10,000. BIAS plays a big role in decision making given backgrounds and influence.

EDDI was born: An AI platform that provides personalized career guidance by creating a unique Learner Profile based on an individual’s personality, passion and talent. EDDI then analyzes millions of data points to provide the right career guidance and options for higher education – certificate, vocational training or college. Users can also model various life career scenarios and join a powerful Learner Ecosystem

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